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Computer network support and maintenance is as vital as maintenance on your car - it should be treated as an ongoing exercise.

This will allow you trouble free computing and fast, efficient responses if you do have problems. A well maintained computer, laptop, network or server is easier to fix in the event of a problem if maintenance over its lifespan has been kept to a high level. Equipment lasts longer and does more for you if well maintained.

Protection Guarantee
Delete Unnecessary Files
Clean Windows Registry
Optimize System Configuration
Accelerate Downloads and Web Surfing
Optimize Appearance
Remove Unnecessary Start-Up Items
Perform Hard Disk Maintenance
Check/Repair Hard Disk Errors  
Remove all Viruses/Trojans/Backdoor Infections  
Remove all Spyware/Adware Programs  
Remove all Malware/Browser Hijacks  
Inoculate System From 10,000+ Known Threats    
Install Optimized Suite of Security Software    
Lock Down Known Security Holes in System    
Install Critical Fixes for Microsoft Windows and Office®    
Fix All Other Problems (i.e. errors, program issues)    
Price $119.00 $139.00 $199.00
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