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Your computer network is at the heart of your company. For your business to succeed, you need to keep your network running smoothly. Any problems must be dealt with quickly and with minimum disruption.

You need real expertise in depth to do this. That’s where we come in.

Local Nerds offer computer network support services specially tailored to the needs of the small or medium business in the Washington DC Metropolitan area.

Your Computer Network Support Package
Look at what you get in your computer network support package:

  • Peripherals cover
  • Telephone support
  • Remote support
  • On-Site visits
  • Hardware breakdown support
  • Remote monitoring of servers

Local Nerds methodology and infrastructure is proven to cut response times and allows us to support you to a high standard.

Our Support package is an all-in-one total management solution. Many clients however require us to tailor this package to suit their individual needs - which we see as an important facet to the services we offer.

Our commitment to the business critical importance of virus and firewall concerns equates to a policy of fast solutions, total management, prevention and disinfection.

Contact us today to enquire about a computer network support package for your business

Notes - What You Get:
1. Peripherals cover: Connectivity of all peripherals specified is included in your Local Nerds Support Contract. This includes printers, scanners, PDA’s etc.

2. Phone support: We are your IT department, you speak to our help desk about your computer network whenever you want to! You can:

  • Report problems
  • Ask questions
  • Check the status of requests or of any part of your computer network.

3. Remote support: Our in house dedicated remote engineers stay on the problem until it is fixed. This allows fast response times to any system critical issues.
If a reported issue cannot be fixed by our help desk service team then a properly documented and reported problem is passed directly to our in-house dedicated remote support engineers. They have full, secure access to your servers and workstations and can work on your problem immediately.
Statistically, this solves another third of all reported issues and ensures that problem diagnosis and fix resolution is being done even before an engineer can arrive on site if required.

4. On-site visits: If we can’t fix it remotely we send someone! Our help desk team diagnose the problem where possible whilst booking the request immediately into our extensive helpdesk or forward your call to the appropriate member of our team who can best deal with your issue.

As help desk staff as well as engineers are assigned to your requests, you are continually updated as to the status of your requests according to your wishes.

Our experienced on-site computer network engineers are sent to your premises anywhere in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area to resolve problems not already fixed by the remote engineers. Wherever possible, we try to send the same engineers to you so they get to know you and your network and you get to know them too.

5. Hardware breakdown support: it’s what we do! You only pay for broken parts that are replaced. If a PC or server has a broken component then, when we have determined the problem, correctly specified the replacement part and received your approval, we fit it and ensure all is working as expected. The PC or server then continues to be supported through the Support contract.

6. Remote monitoring of Servers: Pro-activity is the key to great on-going relations! Ongoing monitoring of servers involves log checking and preventative maintenance to minimise downtime. This involves:

  • checking disk space issues
  • ongoing Anti-Virus audits
  • backup log checking to pre-empt possible future failures
  • keeping your e-mail running from your end. This includes all configuration work needed from your server or Pop3 email configuration to each PC,
  • determining hardware faults & fixing them,fixing all network connectivity issues ensuring that all printers, scanners, PC faxes & other peripherals are all configured and working as required

Day to day operations include

  • Bug fixing
  • Patching
  • Windows updates
  • New user set-ups and deleting old users
  • Re-setting passwords
  • Logging in locked out users
  • Restoring deleted files etc.

The list is endless! Can you afford to be bothered yourselves by this kind of highly necessary day-to-day tweaking?

All of this can all be performed on your server without any interference to your business by Local Nerds, all occurs without anything being wrong with your systems. This goes a long way to ensuring that when things do go wrong that we are available with fast response and fix times.

Contact us today to enquire about a computer network support package for your business

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